Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What is the worst button you could possibly push when trying to put someone on hold?


We know this because Blaine has done this. Twice.

Case study #001:

(phone rings)
  • Blaine: Hello?
  • Caller: Yes, my name is Mr. Lawyerpants. I'm calling about some work that we did with you a while back. I have some questions about the research data from our case.
  • Blaine: (in a smooth-talking radio dj voice) Mr. Lawyerpants, of course! Nice to hear from you again. May I put you on hold?
  • Caller: Certainly.
  • Blaine: (yelling down the hallway) HEY AL!!! There's this guy on the phone who says he worked with us. He has some questions about something.
  • Alison: Who is it?
  • Blaine: Mr. Attorneysocks, I don't know. He's on line 1.
  • Alison: What does he want?
  • Blaine: (irritated) How should I know? Just pick up line 1!
  • Alison (attempting to pick up line 1) I can't pick up line 1; you're on line 1. Did you put him on hold?
  • Blaine: Oh, @*#&!!!!

Case study #002:

(phone rings)

  • Blaine: Hello?
  • Caller: Hi, my name is Mr. Saleseyguy and I work for Gotgreatstuff. Can I talk to the person in charge of making decisions about buying stuff?
  • Blaine (in a smooth-talking radio dj voice): Sure, please hold.
  • Caller: Thanks.
  • Blaine (yelling down the hallway) AL!!!! There's someone on line 1 who wants to sell us stuff! Too bad you already have someone who sells you stuff! Guess this guy is SOL! HAHahahaha!
  • Alison: (attempting to pick up line 1) I can't pick up line 1; you're on line 1. Did you put him on hold?
  • Blaine: OH @*#&!!!!

And THAT's why we don't answer the phones.

p.s. Administrative professionals' day is April 22.


Poster Nutbag said...

That is awesome.

Blaine may need a phone that actually spells out "Speaker" and "Hold." Pictures aren't the universal language for everyone. Wait...

Ashley said...

I fucking love you two. I miss you guys and hope life and everything else is amazing! xoxo

calikid said...

I randomly decided to check out your blog and read this entry. Almost. wet. my pants. Hilarious ...